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A Second Opinion with Senator Bill Frist, M.D.

Nov 16, 2020

Pat Geraghty is President and CEO of GuideWell, a $19 billion mutual insurance holding company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  GuideWell is the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on transforming health care, including Florida Blue, the leading health insurance company in Florida. 


Geraghty was the architect of the restructuring that created GuideWell, considered a model of strategic reinvention that is featured as a capstone business case in the curriculum of Harvard Business School. GuideWell serves 27 million people across 35 states, including more than 5 million individuals in Florida.


Our conversation today – which focuses on leadership in crisis and adapting a major organization to address a pandemic and issues of social justice -- originally aired at the 2020 Emids Healthcare Summit.  Thank you to the team at Emids for their work in facilitating this insightful discussion.