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A Second Opinion with Senator Bill Frist, M.D.

May 9, 2022

Today our subject is “compassionate leadership” in healthcare – what it is, how it is manifested and how it will improve your own life – and your bottom line.


I am joined by four distinguished healthcare leaders: Founder of Vertice Pharma -- Don DeGolyer; Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of PeopleOne Health—Dr. Zane Gates; former CEO of BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota—Dr. Craig Samitt; and, by my good friend and global health activist—Donato Tramuto.


Donato just this month published his book, The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results. It is already Number 1 in a number of Amazon book categories. The book specifically defines compassionate leadership, interweaving inspiring stories about healthcare leaders and other leaders putting empathy into action.


Don DeGolyer, Dr. Zane Gates, and Dr. Craig Samitt—each leaders from across the healthcare sector—share how compassion has cultivated their own style of leadership and why compassion is essential to establishing trust and ultimately driving transformational change.


In our conversation today, we breakdown what it means to be a compassionate leader and the myths that surround it; we talk about the importance of tenderness, trust, and toughness; we advocate for the importance of institutionalizing compassion, empathy, and, most importantly, action in our personal and organizational mission and values; and, we discuss how compassion can be used as a basis to better connect and promote unity at the workplace and at home.


You will learn the 9 words that these leaders believe best characterize “compassionate leadership.” You’re going to love it!

For more on what we discuss in today’s show, pick up Donato’s new book: The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results: