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A Second Opinion with Senator Bill Frist, M.D.

Jan 11, 2021

I’m honored today to be joined by my longtime friend, colleague, and brilliant physician-scientist Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health.  Dr. Collins has served as the NIH Director since 2009, first appointed by President Obama and reappointed in 2017 by President Trump.


Dr. Collins is a physician-geneticist noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes and his leadership of the international Human Genome Project, which culminated in April 2003 with the completion of a finished sequence of the human DNA instruction book – something that amazingly was accomplished under budget & years ahead of schedule. 


At the helm of the NIH, Dr. Collins is at the tip of the spear of our federal government’s Covid-19 treatment and vaccine research and development.  He’s one of our nation’s most talented scientific minds and communicators, and you don’t want to miss his insights on our show today.